3D Modeling

Ash Barnard - Animator, 3D Modeler, Illustrator

My current weapons of choice are Maya and Z-Brush – although I do have some experience in other 3D software.

NOTE: To see these models rigged and in action, please check out the ANIMATION page!


Mobile Projects

Various – 2013

Here is a small selection demonstrating some  of the models I worked on for various small projects in 2013.

Hairy Tales – 2012

Hairy Tales is a strategic puzzle game for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC released in October 2012. As it was a small team, I found myself involved (to some degree) in most of the creative rolls, from GUI to character rigging – and almost everything in between!

Enemy Wolf – 2011

A commission piece of low-poly enemy character model for an upcoming indie MMORPG.


Current Gen’ Projects

Soldier Character – 2010

Not much to say about this one… I figured it was time to try something a little more ‘human’. I ended up just jumping in, without much of a vision or plan – I ended up with some sort of a Army Of  Two-ish Soldier/Mercenary dude…

Red XIII – 2010

After re-playing Final Fantasy VII shortly after it’s PSN re-release, I was inspired to try my hand at making my own Red XIII.


Battletoads 3D – 2009

As part of my Dissertation at University, I was required to investigate the process of bringing a ‘classic’ 2D sprite-based character up-to-date, making them relevant for modern consoles. After many hours of nostalgic gaming ‘research’, I decided that Rare’s Battletoads would be a great game to tackle in 3D.

In the end, I managed to get a fully ‘game-ready’ Psyko Pig and Pimple (complete with morphing hammer-hand, for those classic, comical finishers!) – go to the Animation page to see these guys up and running!

Cannibal Butcher Character – 2009

This handsome fellow was an accompanying asset to a custom Unreal Tourney III map.

Needless to say, there was a definite ‘survival horror’ vibe to the Meat Locker map… I’m sure he felt right at home.

Other Bits and Pieces

Here are an few other projects I’ve been involved with. As you can see, most of them are unfinished – I figured I’d upload them anyway!


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