About Me

Ash Barnard - Animator, 3D Modeler, Illustrator

I’m currently working as a freelance 3D modeler and animator – mainly focusing on character-based mobile games, but I’m happy to work on pretty much anything!

The most recent release I have been involved in was Arges-System’s “Hairy Tales” (iOS title). Although always being small, the team size for Hiary Tales fluctuated through the project, at times seeing myself as the only artist on-board  This meant that I had the unusual opportunity of being involved (at least in part) in almost every area of the creative process – from GUI to character rigging and animation… I even had chance to give some input concerning the game design.

When I manage to tare myself away from the computer screen, I usually find myself pursuing my interest in table-top gaming and miniature converting and painting. When I get around to it, I’m thinking about keeping a blog to document my various on-going projects.

To get further details on my expreience and qualifications, a copy of my current CV can be found HERE

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