Ash Barnard - Animator, 3D Modeler, Illustrator

Here are some examples of my Animation work.

If you have problems viewing the videos, they can also be found on my YouTube Channel



My most recent Animation-Based Showreel


Hairy Tales is a strategic puzzle game for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC released in 2012.

Hairy Tales: Demo-Reel – Enemy Characters

A compilation of a selection ‘bad guy’ character models and a few of their animations from ‘Hairy Tales’.

Hairy Tales: Demo-Reel – The Hairys!

A demo-reel showcasing the heroes of Hairy Tales and a few of their animations.


Cartoony/Exaggerated Actions

A selection of some of my more stylized animations.
* The Battletoad model and Rig are my own… The others, not so much…


Realistic Actions

Or should that be ‘semi-realistic’?…
* The fat Butcher model and rig are of my own creation.

Old Demo-Reel – 2009

My demo-reel from 2009 – it’s a bit dated now, but feel free to take a look, all the same!


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